Getting Site IDs, List IDs and Site Column Internal Names

For various tasks in SharePoint it’s useful to be able to find out the IDs or internal names of various elements in your SharePoint site. As this is something that I often have to do I thought it would be worth jotting down the steps that I go through to get these.

Finding a List ID

  • Navigate to the list
  • Go to the list settings page
  • Click on Title, description and navigation (not the encoded ID is now in the URL)
  • Click OK
  • The ID of the list will now be ‘un-encoded’ in the URL

Finding a Site ID

For site collections with the publishing site collection feature activated the Manage Content and Structure tool can be used here.

  • Navigate to the site you wish to find the ID for
  • From site settings go to the manage content and structure tool
  • On the node of the current site, use the ECB to go to the General Settings page
  • Click Cancel
  • Now back at the Content and Structure page in the URL the ID will be in the querystring after SmtContext=SPWeb:

Finding a site column internal name

  • Navigate to Site Settings
  • Go to the Site Column gallery
  • Edit the site column
  • In the URL you will see the internal name after the querystring parameter field
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