I’m SharePoint Certifiable…

Last week I successfully took the SharePoint exam 70-668: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator. Added to the 70-667 exam: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring that I’d taken the week before and this now makes me a Microsoft Certified Professional! I’ve never been a big one for exams and certifications so I’m actually surprised at just how good this feels 🙂

There are many good resources for studying for these exams – non better than TechNet, although I also found this guide from ‘Tales from a SharePoint Farm’ very useful. My preferred learning style was to run through the sample questions available on the Accelerated Ideas website and then research the answers I got wrong! Not a sure fire way but seemed to work for me. This technique led to an interesting type of ‘organic discovery’ as I ended up answering one question only to ask myself 5 more. My scores of 90%+ in the exams seemed to justify the hours spent revising anyway!

Overall though I think I’ve been fairly lucky in that I’ve already been working with SP2010 for well over a year, having been given access to the Technical Preview with my former employer, and gained some real-world experience on a variety of different project types. Now even with these certifications I don’t consider myself an IT Pro – but as a consultant I think it’s vital to know this stuff and be able to hold sensible conversations with the real experts. So who knows – maybe it’s time to look at the developer exams next 😉

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Logo SP2010

Microsoft Certified IT Professional Logo SP2010

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