Removing the checkbox on list items in SP2010

Here’s a quick one about modifying list views to remove the checkbox that appears next to list items. It’s really simple but it is a new element of SharePoint 2010 list views and one where it is not immediately obvious that it is configurable (to me anyway!).

The checkbox appears next to items in list views so that they can be selected by the user and therefore be ‘acted‘ upon from the ribbon. Sometimes however this just isn’t what’s required – for example when we simply want to show a list of links on a team site home page.

List View Checkbox

Now as you can see above, the checkboxes are included in the view by default – and as I’ve said above, we don’t want them to be. So to remove them we simply need to modify a setting in the view. This setting is a new one to SharePoint 2010 called Tabular View.

List View Checkbox Option

In this scenario we could either open up the web part properties and directly configure the view there or we could chose to create or modify an existing view on the list and then set the web part to use that view. I’ll choose the latter.

  1. Navigate to the list
  2. Create a new view, e.g. Team Site Home Page
  3. In the view modify the Tabular View settings to unselect the option ‘Allow individual item checkboxes
  4. Now set the web part to use this new view

List View Checkbox Removed

It may just be me but I only noticed this option for the first time the other day, and I thought it was pretty cool 🙂

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33 comments to Removing the checkbox on list items in SP2010

  • Glyn:

    Excellent tip. Funny how many settings we need to turn off the new functionality in SharePloint 2010 that we don’t want. Maybe the default should be off rather than on! (Also see Disabling Modal Dialogs for List Forms in SharePoint 2010


  • p.s. I used this today several times! Wish I had seen it before myself.

  • Amit

    How to get back the checkbox as i had deleted it in Sp2010 Designer. Need some suggestions.

  • Phebe

    I’m using Reusable content Webpart and used this setting on the tabular webpart to hide checkboxes. Although it seems to work when viewed from within the list, when this list is placed as a webpart on the page, i still see the checkboxes next to the items? Is this a bug??

    • Hi Phebe – I’m not 100% sure I know which web part you’re referring to. If you’re talking about the Reusable Content list – that is at the root site of Publishing Site Collections – then I think I’d suggest using list this in a different way (or using another list). This list is specifically for inserting reusable content snippets into page layouts – take a look at a publishing page and you’ll see the option on the ribbon to do this.

      That said, I’m not sure why this setting wouldn’t apply for the reusable content list, as it is just another ‘regular list’ as far as I know of.


  • Kevin Slane

    I’ve been messing around all morning with SPD looking for a way to get rid of that checkbox. I should have known it would be something simple. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  • Jonathan

    Glyn – thanks for the tip.

    How would you set it so that the user can select one and only one item from a list. It looks like the options are select as much as you want (bulk operation / TabularView) or select nothing…

    • Hi Jonathan – I don’t think you can set it up so that a user can only select one item; instead I think the idea would be to make sure that the action you wanted for selected items was only applicable on an individual item.

      Examples of this are on the ribbon. If you select on item you’ll notice some buttons becoming ‘active’. If you then select another item you’ll notice some buttons changing to ‘inactive’. This is because the particular actions are only relevant to single items.

      I hope that makes sense.

  • igor makar

    can be turned off in WP by:

    TabularView=”FALSE” – works fine.

    • Hi Igor – it looks like some code didn’t come through in your comment, but I think I know what you mean. The TabularView attribute is part of the View element in the CAML for the view used by the web part. Setting this to FALSE is in effect what is happening when we do the above through the UI.


  • I’d been looking at solutions that suggested deleting the checkbox within the designer, this is so simple and was there all along!


  • patrick van der schoor

    Great tip. A feature that was turned on by Microsoft, while no-one is using it…nice job 😉

  • Mark

    Thanks. So simple, yet I’ve overlooked it I don’t know how many times. It really cleans up web part views. I also like to add this code to a hidden content editor web part to get rid of the column headers (it will remove column headers for the entire page). > {
    DISPLAY: none

    • Nadine

      Thanks Glyn, appreciate that tip to tidy up the look.

      @Mark That was my next question! Shame it gets rid of it for all the web parts, but good to know!


  • Ankit

    Thanks Glyn, I took almost a day with SPD, Thanks

  • Anjali

    Really good one.. 🙂

  • Chris

    Here’s something…you mentioned one obvious time when we’d want to turn this off…the link list. Now in SharePoint 2007 when I’d add a link list to a home page, it came out looking nice and pretty like a bulleted list. Not so with 2010. It comes out looking ugly as hell and the only workaround I’ve found is to make my own lists using the text formatting features on the page! Is there any way to make the link list look the way they did in 2007 by default??

  • Tola

    I’m very glad on this (Hide the sharepoint list/library).
    But on the Asset Library It will not work. I don’t know what wrong.

  • Mike

    Thank you! I was overthinking this, luckily I found your post before going to designer.

  • Shailender Kumar

    Thanks Glyn,

    Instead, you need to add a tag to the XML for the XLV.

    Within SharePoint Designer :


    This needs to be included in the “VIEW” tag – as shown below :


  • Sati

    Very good one. I was representing a documentset documents in a listviewwebpart through code without the menu(or ribbon). The checkboxes are really obselete in my case.

  • Dan

    Oh my goodness, I was using CSS to hide this!
    Must change it back!


  • Hello,
    Is there somebody who found out where in SharepointDesigner you can change this setting.

  • mel adams

    awesome tip! thanks!!!

  • Brian

    Ok I am a bit late here as our company have only just moved to 2010
    Please accept my thanks as this article has solved a real problem for me.

    I do hope you are still monitoring for new posts as I have related question(s)

    1. Is it possible to change a large group of libraries all at once?
    2. Is there a ‘template’ somewhere to make this change for all future lists / libraries in a particular site or collection?

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