My article on social features in SharePoint 2010

Recently I had the opportunity to write an article about SharePoint 2010 for SharePoint Magazine. For the article I wanted to write more of a commentary or approach piece rather than a specific element of technical advice. SharePoint 2010 has a vast array of functionality but as a consultant I find it hugely important to consider how (and when) to put that functionality to use.

One of the areas in SharePoint 2010 where I feel this is most appropriate is the use of the new Social Features, a.k.a. tags, notes and ratings. There is actually much more to the Social Features than this small subset of functionality however as I mentioned it’s more the approach I’m concerned in rather than the particular ins and outs of the technology.

As such I wrote an article that discussed how to approach the use of SharePoint – A Practical Guide to Social Features in SharePoint 2010. This discusses in detail 5 areas that I think are key considerations when looking to introduce Social Features in your SharePoint solution:

  1. Less is more
  2. Surface those ratings
  3. Leave a note
  4. Manage your metadata
  5. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong

Check out the article in full to read my thoughts on how looking at these areas can help drive up user adoption.

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