Time for a change

So it was with slight regret but a lot of optimism that I moved on from Content and Code just last week to begin life as an independent SharePoint Consultant. I’ve had some great experiences at C&C over the past 4+ years and thoroughly enjoyed working with some of the SharePoint industry’s brightest minds, and on some absolutely fantastic projects too. A few highlights for me have been:

  • Attending the Las Vegas SharePoint Conference last year
  • Playing at Wembley (wow!) as part of a Microsoft charity event
  • Working at the home of cricket, Lords, with a great bunch of people on a MOSS 2007 project

Not bad eh!? So why move? Well, no one reason in particular. C&C continue to go from strength to strength and the exciting projects are still rolling in (my last project was a month onsite with a huge client on a great SP2010 POC); – it simply just felt time for a change. Whilst I’m moving on though, I wish C&C all the best for the future!

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed over the past month or so, whilst I’ve been 100% on client site, is working day-to-day with end-users who are committed to working with SharePoint and full of enthusiasm and excitement around the great features that the product offers. It’s sometimes easy to forget when you’ve been working on highly customised solutions just how great SharePoint is out-of-the-box, and that’s one of things I hope to get back to as part of this move.

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1 comment to Time for a change

  • Jalil Sear

    Hi Glynn,

    Sorry to see you leave, it is a great loss for content and code. Wish you the very best for the future.

    Very nice blog by the way 🙂

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