Interrogate SharePoint lists with PowerShell

Recently, after putting up a couple of posts on how I’ve been harnessing the power of Powershell with SharePoint 2010 (to generate a sitemap and to list features) I was contacted by the guys over at the awesome Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog and asked to write a post as a guest blogger on the use Powershell and SharePoint 2010. I recognise that there are many many more experienced scripters around than me, however I was honoured to accept!

(In fact I see it as a real positive that someone with limited scripting and development experience such as me is able to quickly get to grips with Powershell and use it so productively.)

The post I put together was on using Powershell to work with SharePoint lists, which I have been using to great effect to find out information such as:

  • How many items in a particular list there are
  • What content types are available in a list
  • Which lists in the site are empty

Please check out the post on ‘Use Windows PowerShell to Manage Lists in SharePoint 2010‘, where you will find a more detailed description of three functions I put together, or take a look at my scripts on the TechNet Scripting Center to download the functions and give them a go yourself.

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