InfoPath 2010 Blog ‘5 for Forms’

I’ve been following a few MS blogs recently (particularly the Office ones) and have been really impressed again with how well they’re doing with the communication around the 2010 releases.

The winners for me so far have to be the Microsoft InfoPath 2010 Blog. They are regularly producing updates and articles. The stuff that I’m finding really useful is their ‘5 for Forms’ series which is a set of posts that uses a small 5 minute video to introduce a new or improved feature in InfoPath 2010. These have all had some SharePoint connection so far (which is useful!) and it’s a great introduction to how it’s envisioned that InfoPath and SharePoint 2010 will work together.

Some of the my favourites so far are:

In the past, with the 2007 release, I was always hesitant to recommend use of InfoPath in anything other than a small environment as I just didn’t feel it was quite mature enough; and often custom development was a less risky option for the solution (how often do you hear that!). I think I’m going to have to rethink that recommendation though given the impressive things I’m seeing so far.

For me it’s all linking back to the underlying sense of empowering the end users in SharePoint 2010 to create their own ‘composite’ applications and productivity tools. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and build a real-world solution with it.

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2 comments to InfoPath 2010 Blog ‘5 for Forms’

  • Jean

    Thanks for the plugs Glyn,

    I find them very helpful even though I am not there on several levels yet.

    I have a couple of questions concerning MS Infopath 2010 and wonder if you could guide me in the right direction for an answer.

    I have a form which is divided into four views and depending on the role the user has he/she may only see and complete certain parts in the appropriate view. The user has to fill out a comments text field and then provide a signature line data before submitting the form via a programmed “Submit” button. I would like the user to fill the following parts before clicking on the submit button.

    I come from a Lotus Notes background and have been converting over to the MS environment for the past few months and find it a bit difficult to find my around doing the same kind of thing in a different world.

    How can I hide the Signature Line until the end user has typed at least a minimum number of characters in the comments field? And, how do I hide the submit button until the signature line object has been satisfied?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Jean,

      I’m afraid I haven’t looked at InfoPath for a while now on my current project so I don’t have the answers at the tip of my tongue! To hopefully point you in the right direction though then I think you should be looking at setting up rules on the form based upon data validation – e.g. is the signature line complete.

      As a usability tip I’d also recommend disabling the submit button, rather than simply hiding it.


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