SharePoint 2010 Visual Studio 2010 Extensions Launched!

So a big congratulations to my colleagues at Content and Code who have been burning the midnight oil working on some productivity tools for the new Visual Studio 2010 for working with SharePoint 2010.

Wes and Matt have been plugging away at creating a collection of templates, Server Explorer extensions and other goodies all packaged up in a deployable Visual Studio Extension. I’d love to run through all the details of how I joined the boys coding until all hours… but I’d be lying! (Tea and random ideas are my contribution)

The extension can now be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery. Some of the highlights are:

  • Quick deploy; including a setting to auto-deploy on save
  • New item templates for Custom Action, Custom Action Group, Hide Custom Action and Delegate Control
  • Server explorer extensions; including exploring the web part gallery

After downloading and running the .vsix extension, it was simply necessary to enable the ‘loading of per user extensions’ in the Extensions Manager. A quick restart of VS and away you go. Below are a couple of quick screenshots of what gets added:

Quick Deploy in SPVSX

New item templates in SPVSX  Server Explorer in SPVSX

This is just the first release and we’re always looking for more ideas and feedback, so please visit the codeplex site and let us know what you think!

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