SharePoint Conference 2009 Keynote Session

So I’ve been fortunate enough to come along to the SharePoint Conference for 2009! I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the various sessions I’m attending and the items that really stand out for me – starting with the keynote.

Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft and Tom Rizzo Senior Director for SharePoint ran the first session and gave a nice intro into the conference and what we could expect for the week – primarily lots of new SharePoint 2010 content with the following highlights:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Public Beta will be available in November 2009 as will the Microsoft Office 14 Public Beta
  • New structure of products for SharePoint, including SharePoint for Internet Sites
  • Large emphasis on increasing productivity

One of the most telling sections for me was the “Value Proposition Slide” which shows the SharePoint Pie and the three main goals / strands of SharePoint 2010 as presented by Microsoft:

  • “Connect and empower people”
  • “Cut costs with a unified infrastructure”
  • “Respond to business needs”

This ties in with some of the major areas of SharePoint 2010 that I’m looking forward to finding out more about. Namely Social Computing / Networking, re-architected Service Applications approach and Composites – on top of all the enhancements to the existing great features of collaboration and Web Content Management of course!

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