My Site 2010 Profile Pictures Centrally Managed

Responding to what most surely be one of the most common questions and requests from users of previous SharePoint My Sites Microsoft have updated the new manner in which profile pictures are managed within SharePoint 2010 My Sites (actually the User Profile Database).

The key areas of the new approach are:

  • Pictures are now stored centrally within the My Site Host site collection in a picture library located http://host/userphotos
  • Pictures are resized three ways when uploaded
    • 32×32 pixels for use within SharePoint 2010
    • 48×48 pixels for use within Active Directory and other client applications (such as Outlook and Office Communicator)
    • 96×96 pixels for use on the My Profile page of a My Site
  • The Picture Picker can be customised or replaced to support feature such as requesting usage consent or providing default images

Managing profile pictures was a common headache in SharePoint 2007 and given all the new social features of SharePoint 2010 it’s great news that this has been addressed.

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1 comment to My Site 2010 Profile Pictures Centrally Managed

  • Hadrien

    Do you have any links on how to customize the Picture Picker? We would like to have centralized control over the photos in mysite. I have not been able to find much of anything on technet related to this issue.

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