My Site 2010 Composition

The My Site in SharePoint 2010 consists of three distinct areas:

  1. My Network
  2. My Content
  3. My Profile

[Each of these can be renamed if desired – for example I believe Microsoft have renamed the My Network to What’s New for their implementation of http://my]

The My Network area is where I can track my colleagues and other people that I have identified as wishing to follow. Here I will see their recent activities from within the SharePoint environment (and possibly other systems).

The My Content area is the section of the My Site where items such as photos and documents can be stored, and new sites like the Blog can be created.

The My Profile area is the public face of who I am, my particular interests or skills, and what I’ve been recently working on – which I can edit as desired.

The underlying infrastructure of the My Sites is as follows: The three areas are split across two site collections – the My Site Host site collection, which contains the My Network and My Profile, and the individual My Site site collection, which contains the My Content. These site collections are then within one web application.

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