Enterprise Content Types

I attended a fantastic session today at the SharePoint Conference regarding how content types have been improved in SharePoint 2010 from the MOSS 2007 implementation. In MOSS is was a restriction (and a real headache) that content types where specific to a site collection and duplicate content types would be required for other collections. Whilst . . . → Read More: Enterprise Content Types

My Site 2010 Profile Pictures Centrally Managed

Responding to what most surely be one of the most common questions and requests from users of previous SharePoint My Sites Microsoft have updated the new manner in which profile pictures are managed within SharePoint 2010 My Sites (actually the User Profile Database).

The key areas of the new approach are:

Pictures are now stored . . . → Read More: My Site 2010 Profile Pictures Centrally Managed

My Site Activity Feed Extensibility

The Activity Feed in SharePoint 2010 My Sites is an automated piece of functionality that tracks actions that have happened in the SharePoint environment; such as tagging, adding notes, and updating profile information etc. There are two faces to the Activity Feed:

Consolidated – activities that I am tracking (such as from my colleagues identified . . . → Read More: My Site Activity Feed Extensibility

My Site 2010 Composition

The My Site in SharePoint 2010 consists of three distinct areas:

My Network My Content My Profile

[Each of these can be renamed if desired – for example I believe Microsoft have renamed the My Network to What’s New for their implementation of http://my]

The My Network area is where I can track my colleagues . . . → Read More: My Site 2010 Composition

What is SharePoint?

This is a bit of an aside to the main content of the SharePoint Conference but it was mentioned by Steve Ballmer in the keynote and I thought it was quite interesting. I also get asked this a lot when people ask me what I do for a living!

So, what is SharePoint? Simple – . . . → Read More: What is SharePoint?