SharePoint Designer Synchronisation Issues

It seems to be quite a common problem that when editing page layouts and master pages etc with SharePoint Designer there are synchronisation issues where SPD thinks a file is checked in/out and yet in MOSS this is not the case.

Reading a post on the net it appears that this could be because there is an issue with the SPD Website Cache – which I guess is the local copy of the files. The resolution to this is to simply delete the website cache, which can be found at:
%User Profile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Websitecache

I tried this and it was enough to:

  1. Close SPD
  2. Delete the folder within the Websitecache folder which corresponds to the SharePoint site that you are working on
  3. Open SPD (ignoring the message about unable to open the site)
  4. Hit refresh

This seemed to do the trick. Perhaps there’s some setting where the cache could be flushed periodically, but for now this should save some confusion.

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