Microsoft SharePoint 2010: What’s in a name?

I’ve just seen that Microsoft have confirmed the new name of the next version of SharePoint is going to be Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Reading the blog post there are a couple of interesting points to note:

  1. No more Office. This has been dropped from the name apparently to ensure that when people think of Office, they think of the Office client applications with no confusion.
  2. Do not abbreviate to MSS as this is already taken by Microsoft Search Server.
From the second item the implicit point here is that Microsoft remains committed to Search Server and more so that it is distinct to SharePoint. I’m not sure but it wouldn’t surprise me if Search Server was actually included as part of the SharePoint 2010 product.
The dropping of Office is the most interesting item as far as I can see. Obviously the rich integration with the ‘regular’ office applications are going to remain a huge part of the product so there’s no hidden message there! I think it more points to the renewed emphasis that Microsoft will be placing on the client suite of applications – in particular looking to introduce the Office Web applications successfully. As stand-alone applications in their own right it makes sense not to dilute the product line to the point of confusion for non-SharePoint users.
The other mildly interesting point concerns the products roadmap situation at Microsoft. I think it’s testament to how quickly the technological world is moving, and the fact that Microsoft are looking to move (or direct?) with it, that what was obviously the plan 3-5 years ago of including SharePoint in the Office family has now been revised.
Now I just want to know what 2010 actually gives us…
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