5 essential community-based tools for a SharePoint consultant

Partly as a bookmark for myself but also for anybody else that’s interested, here are what I consider the most useful tools that every SharePoint consultant needs to have in their bag:

A fantastic tool that enables you to browse an entire SharePoint farm, down to object-level. Very useful for viewing things like schema xml files and hidden features etc.

A very simple app that allows you to extract the xml needed quickly in order to create your own content type deployment features.

Again a nice simple app with a great feature set. Quickly create and test CAML queries on SharePoint lists and libraries. I find this particularly useful when I’m extending the Content Query Web Part.

A fast way to create many pages of test content on your test environment. Extremely useful for testing out aggregations!

A nice tool available on CodePlex for running ad-hoc testing against a MOSS search engine.

I hope you find these as useful as I do…
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